about me

welcome! my name is amanda swan and my pronouns are she/her.

you can email me at amandaswanhealing@gmail.com.

the pacific northwest is my home. i’m currently located in eugene, oregon.

i have a BA from the University of Oregon and a JD from Willamette University.

i have also completed 250 hours of yoga teacher training at Two Birds Yoga School with libby cox, and an additional 40 hours of trauma informed yoga training at the Daya Foundation with sarahjoy marsh.

i am currently studying to be a marriage and family therapist as a path to enhance my healing work. i want to guide others as they bring themselves to a place of aliveness and wholeness. i believe wellness is a communal effort, not an individual one. each of us is growing, and the way one plant grows affects the plants around it.

my professional interests include non-violent communication, attachment theory, chakra development, and inner child/parts work. i’ve previously worked in low-income tenant-side housing law and supportive housing, helping others meet their basic shelter needs as they begin their own healing paths.

in my free time, i enjoy writing, spending time outside, practicing hatha yoga, and reading lots of books. i love summertime for the delicious oregon berries.

welcome to my journey, and thank you for giving me the honor of being part of yours.

wishing you health and peace,

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