my chakra healing workbook

i am so excited to share my latest project with you! it’s a workbook designed to guide you to balance your chakras using inner child work, and you can buy it directly from me, right here.

my chakra workbook is also available in eugene at Tsunami Books and Star Gate Awareness Resources. thanks for supporting your local bookstores!

the book is beautiful, offers space, and shines in full color. it is divided by chakra. each section begins with a brief overview, so you can access the book even if you don’t know anything about chakras at all!

every chakra also has suggested yoga asana poses, journal prompts, and other hints for striving towards balance. check out these sample pages for an idea of what the book is like.

part of the healing practices page for the first chakra

part of the second chakra explanation page
yoga asana suggestions for the third chakra

if you are interested in buying The Chakra Healing Workbook, you can purchase it from me directly. i am offering a sliding scale price model. please make a contribution that reflects your current ability to support your community!

questions? concerns? email me at

as always, i deeply appreciate your support.

with love,

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